Address:         4214 Ivanhoe Ave., Sheffield Lake, OH 44054

Phone:             440-721-1293

Email:              nccwoodshop@gmail.com

Hours:             Members have access the shop 24 hours a day.                                             Additionally, the shop is staffed on a volunteer basis by                           members to provide access to visitors. For more details,                           use this link to the full schedule.

If you are interested in finding out more, or setting up a tour, please email us and a member will be in touch to set up a meeting.


Recent Shop Improvements

Several members made it into the shop this weekend to get the new Sawstop up and running. There are still a few modifications to make it blend in with surrounding tools but it’s a vast improvement over the other table saws we’ve had. Thanks to all those that helped make this happen. This includes those who helped out financially and physically by unpackaging it and getting it calibrated and ready for some cuts.

And not to be out done, but the guys also got this miter saw station installed thanks to a kind donation from one of our new members. It too is a welcome addition to the shop.

Cut away

Cut away

Be sure to stop in and thanks those who made this happen.

Come Turn a Candlestick

Come learn to turn a candlestick like these.

Here are the details on the class:

January 23, 2106 from 9 AM to 4 PM.
Cost to members $35. Materials supplied.
Cost to non members $55. Materials supplied.
Class is limited to 4 people but if we have more than 4, we will hold a second class at a date to be determined.
So sign up even if there are more than 4 people.
Send an us an email or leave a comment below to let us know you’ll be attending!

Scheduled Demostrations


Bill McCraken

Come meet Bill McCracken

Bill is one of our most dedicated and talented woodworkers at the shop. His interests vary from hand tools to CNC work, Bill truly covers the gambit of woodworking. Bill has been hosting a Wednesday Morning retreat were he has taught many different subjects and made some interesting projects.
We are lucky that Bill has agreed to hold a series of demonstrations on the weekends for those of us who cannot attend his Wednesday morning classes. These demonstrations will begin at 9am and last from 1 to 2 hours. These are at no cost and are open to members and visitors alike.

Oct. 31s — -Use of Pocket Hole Joinery for face frames

Nov 8th ——How to make a Band Saw Box.

Nov 21st —–How to use a Hand Plane to pep wood.

Dec 6th ——-How to use a hand Router.

 Plan to attend, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Summer Closes But Hand Tools Open Up

Over the past several months, we’ve been battling the heat to crank out a hand tool bench for the shop. Here is the fruit of our labor.


Nicholson Bench

Hand tool enthusiast, Shawn Nichols, first read about this style of bench several years ago in Chris Schwarz’s book on workbenches. This type of bench is referred to as a Nicholson or English Joiner’s Bench as it was first illustrated in a book by Perter Nicholson in the 19th century. Then last year a series of posts about getting into woodworking on the cheap popped up from woodworker Mike Siemsen. These were followed by the publication of a DVD entitled The Naked Woodworker.

The title might sound comical, and it partially is, but this concept seemed like the perfect thing for the NCCW. What better way to get into hand tools than on a shoe string budget? Here a few pictures of the bench going together.

Last week, holes were bored and “Doe’s feet” or “Dürer Sticks” were made. If you don’t know what they are used for, please take a look at this video or this blog post. While we’re educating, here are a few videos showing more principles behind this very intriguing and easy-on-the-wallet design.

Plans for Knockdown Nicholson

How to Knockdown the Knockdown Nicholson

Video on Work-holding Without a Vise

There are still things to add to make this better (holdfasts, shelf, bench dogs, crochet, etc.) but for now it’s up and running and ready for you to use. I hope you enjoy all the hard work the team put in on this fun and HEAVY project.

Gearing Up for the Summer Craft Shows

Another successful Wednesday at the workshop!

Maybe you can join us next Wednesday at 9 AM.

Lunch and Learn Saturday May 16

My first Lunch and Learn at 10:30 am till 12:00pm Saturday May 16th (Sloppy Joes and Chips provided at no charge). Members and interested friends are encouraged to attend at no charge. The subject will be:

             An Introduction to CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) Router                                                                                    (Your imagination is your only limitation)

We will discuss the mechanics of CNC routers (i.e. x,y,z axis, a axis, basic machine set-up) I will be demonstrating the CAD software I use, as well as some of the models I have available. This will be a quick introduction to CNC work, with more classes to follow, if there is enough interest.

Please sign up on the forum by posting a reply under Teach / Lunch and Learn, so I know how much to bring.

Hope to see you there

Mark Yourich


Step Stool Success

Bill held another successful Wednesday morning session. This time we built a Step Stool from Popular Woodworking’s I Can Do That series. Please contact Bill either by email or using the new Forum to join in on the fun.

North Coast Community Woodshop Forum

Hello Everyone,

In order to improve communications within the club, we have added a forum for everyone to post questions, comments, recommendations, and anything else club related.

To access the forum, go to:  www.nccwoodshop.org/forum

On the top right of the home page is click the button register.  Once you have registered, later on, when one of the moderators can get to it, if you are a NCCW member, you will be given access to the members forum.

You do not need to be a member to register, as there will be a non-member area as well.


NCCW Board