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Come Turn a Candlestick

Come learn to turn a candlestick like these.

Here are the details on the class:

January 23, 2106 from 9 AM to 4 PM.
Cost to members $35. Materials supplied.
Cost to non members $55. Materials supplied.
Class is limited to 4 people but if we have more than 4, we will hold a second class at a date to be determined.
So sign up even if there are more than 4 people.
Send an us an email or leave a comment below to let us know you’ll be attending!

The Coat Rack Begins

Yesterday, Ted and I started working on the coat rack Ed mentioned a few weeks ago. We adapted the design from a Popular Woodworking article authored by hand tool enthusiast Christopher Schwarz. Our first task was to find the right boards from the piles at the shop. In the beginning the wood looked pretty rough; kinda like the picture shows.

Here's the general look of  the boards before surfacing.

Here’s the general look of the boards before surfacing.

But after some careful milling on the jointer and planer, they looked pretty decent and ready for the next step.

The boards after the milling process. The figure is really nice on these old boards

The boards after the milling process. The figure is really nice on these old boards

This established the top and front of the rack. We thought it needed some sides to make hanging your coat a little easier. Plus the sides make it a little easier on the eyes. There’s no sense taking gorgeous cherry and ruining it with an ugly design.  The design from the plans called for larger sides because it was intended to be a tool rack. We thought we could shorten them and get away with it. We also knew things thing needed some curves so we grabbed Mark’s Roll Top Desk templates and sketched out a few iterations. We settled on the picture below.

Thanks for the templates Mark!

Thanks for the templates Mark!

Using the bandsaw and both sanders we got the sides looking great. Next we cut the top and front to final size, squaring everything up in the process. After just two hours of designing, contemplating, and cutting, we end up with what you see here.

IMG_5529 IMG_5530 IMG_5532

Our next steps include breaking the edges, sanding, adding the pegs, joining the whole thing together and then hanging it up. This is a great example of what can be accomplished in a few short hours using the tools from the shop.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.