Become a Member

Membership Rates

  • $400/year for an adult
  • $450/year for one adult plus a spouse and child
  • $500/year for a family of 4
  • Gift/Trial membership available (See membership agreement for details)

If you are interested in finding out more or setting up a tour please email us and a member will be in touch to set up a meeting.

Why become a member?

Novices:  Do you miss making things with your hands and want to learn what you are capable of?  Have you ever wanted to try something new, made a large investment in a new hobby or interest, only to find out that the risks did not bring rewards?

Experienced woodworkers:  Have you ever wanted to grow your skills and learn from others? Do you have some machinery and tools, but can’t afford them all?  Do you wish you had the space available to make something big, without banging into walls or tracking sawdust into your house?

Then the North Coast Community Woodshop may be the answer.  A huge variety of tools and machinery + lots of space means you can work on your own projects, or jump in and help others. It is a fun and relaxing place where you can learn at your own pace.

Q: What are the benefits of membership? A: Use of a fully-equipped woodworking facility, access to the experiences of other members, the satisfaction of learning by doing, and sharing that with other members and with our community.

Q: Can I use the machines anytime? A: Requirements for using power equipment is that a least one other member is present, that you wear appropriate safety gear, and that you understand the operation of the tool.

Q: Is training included? A: The required safety class is included. Other training sessions are fee based and open to anyone. Members may attend some for free or receive substantial discounts on others.  However, experienced woodworkers are often available (by chance or by apppointment) for free advice.

Q: Is wood included? A: Wood is supplied for club activities including group projects, training classes, or making items for fundraising purposes. For individual projects, wood is not supplied. There is often scrap to work with, though.

Q: What classes are offered? A: We offer classes based on general woodworking as well as project based. Call or go here for the latest information.

Q: What are member requirements? A: The NCCW is entirely funded by, and operated by, member/volunteers. Your membership requires that you follow all safety requirements and you are asked to staff the shop for two four hour shifts a month.  We would also like you to help keep the shop clean, pitch in when needed with training, community events, and keep good ideas coming.

NCCW Membership Agreement (pdf)

Liability Form (pdf)

If you are interested in finding out more or setting up a tour please email us and a member will be in touch to set up a meeting.