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NCCW hosts Den #303 for Pinwood Derby Preparation

The NCCW experienced some heavy snow at the shop Saturday 1/25/2014.  The snow caused the group to postpone our annual elections.   In spite of the bad weather, the Cub Scouts of Sheffield Lake’s Den #303 showed up in force.

For the second time the NCCW played host to a local Cub Scout troup.  About twenty scouts along with their families and scoutmasters braved the elements.   The troop used the NCCW’s newly opened shop to do rough cuts on their pinewood derby cars.  The adults in attendance were pleased with how easy it was to work at the facility.  There were plenty of tools and lots of room for everyone to work.  Also, we  had the city plow the parking lot behind the old bowling alley.  So even with all the snow, the clean parking lot gave us plenty of places to park.  The Cub Scout leader, Martin Flores, liked what he saw so much that he joined our group of woodworkers.  Marty is now our head of IT.

NCCW’s president, Gene Fox said,  “We love events like this.  It is good exposure for us, and beneficial for the kids.  Everybody wins!”  You can read more about this event in the Lorain Journal.

In other news: the NCCW has instituted a new 50/50 raffle to finance the purchace of a new SawStop table saw.  Unfortunately, we have not met all the requirements to qualify as a non-profit organization.  Therefore we must cease the raffle and refund the money on all the tickets that were sold.  If you have any tickets for this fund razer please contact the NCCW about a refund.

On February 8, 2014 the NCCW held an election to elect new members of the board.  This election was rescheduled from January 25, 2014.  The new members of the board are: Henry Kowal, Guatam Rajan, Ed O’Halloran and Bruce Clarke.  The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on Wednesday February 26, 2014 at 6:00 P.M.  The board is expected to elect a new president and secretary at that time.

NCCW Hosts Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby Rough Cuts

SAM_5214SAM_5223SAM_5215IMG_1430On Saturday, 1/4/14, the NCC Woodshop hosted Cub Scout den #334. The Cub Scouts used the new NCCW facility to rough cut their pinewood derby cars. The youngsters were supervised in the use of the woodworking tools by the parents, Scouting officials and NCCW members. About twenty-five Scouts attended the event. They were accompanied by their moms, dads and even sisters. Troup #334 Scoutmaster, Trey Bell, coordinated the event with the woodshop. Judging by all the folks wearing sawdust, everyone had a pretty good time. According to NCCW President, Gene Fox, the woodshop is trying to reach out to young people. We are looking into hosting other Cub Scout troops for similar events. There is also the possibility of working with the Boy Scouts to earn woodworking merit badges here. We are trying to preserve the art of woodworking. Hopefully, we can establish a presence in the area schools and pass some of this on to the next generation. Woodworking is no longer taught here in the local school systems. We offer an opportunity for people of all ages to get some hands on experience in this craft.

Flag Raising

NCCW Grand Opening on December 7th began with a flag raising ceremony

In honor of the Fallen Heroes of Pearl Harbor, all the military, past present and future, in honor of the passing of Nelson Mandela and in dedication to the opening of NorthCoast Community Woodshop. Assisting in the flag raising were: (left to right), Ed O’Halloran, a USMC Veteran, Pat Hastings, Sr. Lead Man for the City of Sheffield Lake and Gene Fox, USN Veteran and President of NCCW.


Close up of Mayor Bring Mark and Ed

Mayor Dennis Bring (left) lends a hand to Mark Yourich (center) and Ed O’Halloran (right) in a wood glue up demo.

This was one of many demos given throughout the day. Gluing up wood sounds simple but it’s not as simple as it sounds. So, Mark Yourich presented a hands on demo on how to do it. Mark needed more hands than he had so, Mayor Bring and Ed O’Halloran jumped in to help


And the Winner Is.

And the Winner Is…

NCCW is striving to become a non-profit and relies solely on funds generated from membership dues, donations from the general public and fundraising events. We had several fundraising events leading up to and going on during our Grand opening. We are happy now to announce the winners.

Raffle for a free massage from Massage Envy valued at $79 – Henry Kowal

Raffle for a free facial from Massage Envy valued at $69 – Carl Kosakowski

Raffle for a $50 gift card from WoodCraft – Bob Maupin

Raffle for a custom made wine bottle stop valued at $30 – Electa Clarke

Raffle for a custom made wine bottle stop valued at $30 – Shirley Gilreath

Raffle for a free one year membership to NCCW valued at $250 – Bruce Beard

50/50 valued at $113 – Bill McCracken. Bill actually gave his entire prize back to NCCW to help further support NCCW. THANK YOU BILL!




Jamie and Sarah

Entertainment by Jamie Horten and Sarah Moore.

Sarah Moore, (left) and Jamie Horten, (right) both local musicians and singer song writers, entertained us with Holiday / Christmas songs and original music. Jamie and Sarah have a Christmas cd available for sale at just $10 and are available at the shop.

 Not pictured is Zachary Wall who also entertained us for the second half of the Grand Opening. Zach is also a local musician, singer and song writer.


Flow of people at Grand Opening

Pictured above:

are likeminded people who came to see what NCCW was all about? Many liked what they saw and heard and they joined that day with some saying they will be back in the coming weeks to sign up. A great time was had by all. There were wood shop how to demos, food, music and people meeting people and making new friends.


Rob and Tracey

Rob Kaderbek (left) and Tracy Paluch of Sheffield Lake

Rob and Tracy (members) are in the NCCW Store /Display room looking at crafts that were made by members in their own home wood shops. These crafts are on display to give some ideas of what can be made in the NCCW shop. There are no limits to what can be made. The NCCW Store / Display room is where members can display items that they made or sell the items. We will also have items for sale that are useful in the shop.


NCCW secures a new building! We were only 2 months without a home  before we were blessed with finding a very suitable building in Sheffield Lake..  Our new building, 2800 sq. ft., is in the Shoreway Shopping Center at 4214 Ivanhoe Ave. Sheffield lake, Ohio. It is just one block south of Lake Rd.  and has a view of the Lake. The building, pictured below, was formerly a U.S. Post Office.  The Post Office closed it 3 years ago. Since its’ closing, the City of Sheffield Lake stepped in and purchased the entire Shoreway Shopping Center.

The City of Sheffield Lake has been very good to work with and is very excited to have this type of business in their city. We will be signing a 2 year lease on October 23.

Our new home requires very little work. It will require a good cleaning though and then we will install the cyclone and machines along with  a few other details. We are targeting Saturday November  16 for our soft opening and Saturday November 30 for our Grand Opening.

We have begun selling early memberships which would become effective on the Grand Opening date. The money from  early memberships sales will be used for start up costs.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us at . Memberships dues are $250 annually. This would make a fantastic Christmas gift for someone who likes to work with wood.



Above is the new home of NCCW located at 4214 Ivanhoe Ave. Sheffield lake,  Ohio  44054.


Pictured above, posing at the back of our new building is Carl. Carl is the NCCW Board secretary.


Above is a picture of the inside of the 2800 sq. ft. new home of NCCW. Nice!!!


Moving Day, October 12, 2013. Twelve volunteers and future members came to help out with the move.


Moving Day, October 12, 2013



It took 4 guys to move this maple work bench table top. This baby was heavy. Mark picked it up at an auction.


NCCW Attends the Avon lake Home Coming

NCCW attends the Avon lake Home Coming in September. Pictured here is Mark Yourich, VP of NCCW.


Mark is displaying wood crafts made by himself, Bruce Clarke and Bill McKracken. There was a great deal of interest in our company here. We met a lot of people and made a lot of new friends. People of like minded interest in wood working. At the show we offered tee shirts and sweat shirts for sale, a raffle for a free massage at Massage Envy, (donated by Massage Envy, Westlake). We also  had a 50/50. The winner of the 50/50 was Christina Perez. Christina donated her winnings back to NCCW. Thanks so much Christina!




Pictured above is Bruce Clarke who explains the purpose and mission of NCCW to an interested visitor to our table. Bruce has been with NCCW since the begining in January, 2013.



Pictured above is a bowl that Mark Yourich was in the process of making in his home wood shop. This is a segmented bowl, which means that the bowl is made out of a whole lot of small segments that are glued together and then shaped on the lathe. This bowl is a work in process. Mark took the bowl off of the lathe to show people what it would look like half way through the process. This bowl is made out of 3 different pieces of wood. Black walnut, (the dark wood), maple (the dogs and light colored bands) and an exocit wood that turns green with age that I can’t even spell (3 leaf clovers). Mark finished the bowl a few days later and his wife took it to a dog show in Philadelphia for an auction. Marl’s bowl fetched $1,000 at auction for his wife’s kennel club. WOW! Good job Mark! Well done! I’m begining to think that we should have an auction. LOL.


Thinking about joining? You can contact us @ Memberships are on sale now. This would make a great Christmas gift.


This page goes out to the Lorain County Woodcarvers’ Club. Thank You!

In September NCCW was invited to attend the Lorain County Fairgrounds Tractor Show by the Lorain County Woodcarvers’ Club. The LCWC saw us on facebook and thought it would be a good idea to invite this new company (us) to this event as their guest under their pavilion. It turned out to be a great time. We, (NCCW) met some great and talented people who were interested in wood carving and wood working alike. You can see more about the Lorain County Woodcarvers’ Club @ Thank You Lorain County Woodc arvers’ Club.


NCCW’s table at the Lorain County Fairgrounds Tractor show. We were guests of the Lorain Countycarvers’ club. This group is a very creative and talented group of people. At the show we were able to meet like minded people interested in woodworking. Going to the show helped us to build our contacts and potential members.


A wood hand carved bear by Lorain County Woodcarvers’ club


Sixteen squares in all but each square was created by one, individually to create this beautiful piece of framed art. It was used to raise money in a raffle.


This walleye by one of the Lorain County Woodcarvers’ Club is so realistic. It looks alive and wet.


Here you see a hand carved horse’s head created by a Lorain County Woodcarvers’ Club member. Look at the detail. It’s awesome.


This is a Child’s story book about George Washington cutting down the cherry tree. It was made out of a cherry tree trunk..


NCCW Display at the Avon lake Public Library

Check out the  wood crafts on display at the Avon Lake Public Library during the month of September. These creative items were all made by craftsmen who are planning to Join NCCW. The wood working craftsmen that made these gems are: Bruce Clarke of Avon Lake, Mark Yourich of Avon and Bill McKracken of Highland Heights. Members will be able to create these and many other functional crafts at the new, NorthCoast Community Woodshop (NCCW) begining November 30th @ 4214 Ivanhoe Ave. Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054. Memberships are on sale now. If you are interested in joining, or would like more information, you can contact us @

Wood craft projects on display at the Avon lake Public Library

Wood craft projects on display at the Avon lake Public Library


Hand-made with love and care


Meet Bill McCimage(1)racken, who turned these realistic-looking mushrooms out of a fallen tree. Bill did this in his home workshop in Highland Heights. This experienced woodworker is on the NCCW board of directors because he can’t wait to share his expertise to members and guests, teaching people at NCCW.
Bill’s wood creations including bowls, puzzles, mushrooms and more will be on display in the Gallery at Avon Lake Public Library beginning September 5.

imageHere, Bruce (one of our dedicated volunteers) holds up a multiwood cutting board that he made in his home shop. The dark wood is walnut which makes a great accent. Bruce plans to show these and other items off at Avon Lake’s Homecoming Festival, where NCCW will have a booth. Bruce will also have this and other wood creations on display at the Avon Lake Public Library beginning September 5.



Something is missing in the world, and more than a few of us have noticed.


Craftsmanship — the rewards that come from making something with your hands, as well as the rewards of sharing that knowledge with friends and neighbors.  Skills like woodworking are being sidelined by competing activities, and forgotten by amateurs. We want to change that by offering a place to let skills and the passion for them grow, not only to benefit individuals, but to improve in some way our whole community. 

NorthCoast Community Woodshop (NCCW) came from a dream that two friends and community residents had. Bob McDonald of Lorain inherited some woodworking machines from his father-in-law, while Tom Patton, who owns Artstown Plaza shopping center in Avon Lake, had space available. Bob committed to donate the woodworking machines to NCCW and Tom committed to provide the facility rent-free for the first 2 years. The community was invited to a meeting at Avon Lake Public Library to explore the possibility of starting a wood shop in Avon Lake. Approximately 50 people turned out for this meeting back in February and a board of directors was formed.

The board has been meeting regularly since then to take care of the details, and things have been happening fast.

  • We incorporated as an LLC in March.
  • We began cleaning up the space and regularly meeting at the shop in April.
  • Bylaws were finished in May.  501 (c) 3 status has been applied for, and we feel good about it.
  • Avon Lake’s planning commission approved our “conditional use” zoning in June and City Council affirmed this on June 8th.
  • Avon Lake’s building department is currently working on permits needed for an ADA-accessible ramp and signs.
  • Here is a floor plan showing what we have and where it will go.  Here is a list of equipment we have acquired to date.
  • We are getting close to a grand opening and selling memberships.  Watch here for more developments.

NCCW Board of Directors

Gene Fox, president

Bob Maupin, treasurer

Trey Bell, vice president

Carl Kosakowski, secretary

Tom McElwaine, board member

Duane Harrington, board member

Bill McCracken, board member






Planning Board result and the Survey Sez…


American Flag 4th of July                            Final Logo no border



NorthCoast Community Woodshop


Well hello, wood workers!  We hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July. It’s been a while since our last update so we have a lot to tell you.

First, the most important news. On July 2nd, we went before the Planning Board and were approved for our request for “conditional use” zoning for our facility. Now we advance to the City Council meeting on July 8th for final approval. This is a huge step for us. Once approved by the City Council, we plan to apply for our electrical, ramp and sign permits.

With all this progress, our anticipated opening time frame is mid-August. WOW!

Meanwhile the board has finalized the survey with the following results:

THE SURVEY SEZ… updated 7/3/2013
































discounted emails*




total donation actual $ commitments


total “maybe” donors not counted in actual commitments




Still want to see the woodshop open in AL


Will you become a member


Do you want to continue to receive emails


Can you volunteer to help on a committee


Can you help with cleaning and painting


Can you volunteer to help with the daily staffing


Can you donate money


Are you going to attend this Saturday’s meeting
*discounted because there is no phone to verify and they did not respond to our email.


We are quite pleased with this survey result (except for question #7). If we achieve 100% of the matching donations for a total of $12,000, this puts us at about the break-even point over the next 3 year period. However, that is without any growth, and we do expect to grow — people are going to like what they see, like the experience of doing for themselves and for others, and they are going to tell other people. We do, however, need to hit our fundraising goal of $6000.

We were also pleased with the result of question 4. “Can you help on a committee?” We had 17 affirmatives and a whopping 29 maybes. That’s fantastic. We will be contacting these committee volunteers within the next few days.

Also, just as pleasing was the response to “can you volunteer to help with daily staffing”. This is a critical need if we expect to be open more than a few hours a week. As everyone can presume, we cannot afford (at least not yet) to pay for staff, even at minimum wage. Someone will be contacting these folks as well.

We thank everyone who is committing to join, volunteer for a committee, volunteer to staff and make financial commitments.  Those who are still considering, we thank you!

Just a word about the general meeting held on June 22. In a word it was GREAT! The turnout was 18 people. The main focus was updating everyone on progress and our vision. There was a great deal of discussion and a lot of great ideas brought forth. Thanks to all for turning out. The next meeting date is TBA. Our main focus is going to be on committees and getting things ready to open, including a Grand Opening Celebration. Can you feel how close we are???


 How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

LOL (ask SIRI and see what she says…)