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Calendar of open hours, events and classes:

Our members take turns staff the shop.  They sign up for shifts via Signup Genius.  We are open when we are staffed.

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*members — you will need to use your email address (the one we have on file for you) to sign up for slots.  If you have trouble, please leave a comment below.

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11 thoughts on “Shop Schedule

  1. Brian

    Is there a reduced membership? I would basically be looking to use a planer on occasion. I have access to everything else I need. Is there an hourly rate? Thank you

    1. Gerry Vogel

      Dear Brian — thank you for your question. Our membership is who operates the shop and they do so as volunteers. Our member fees are how we pay our bills, and we are not set up to account for hourly or per service as some operations do. I will forward your question to the board of directors to see if they can work something out with you as far as a donation, as we have for small repairs for some members of the community.

  2. Chuck Morgan

    Is the workshop only open during hours posted or can you use it other times if you have another member with you? I would be interested in using it during the day during the week. I could coordinate with other members.
    Sounds like a good option to investing in some one off uses of machines.

    1. Ed O'Halloran Post author

      The shop can be used at anytime by members. For safety reasons, we require that another member be present when using any power tools.

  3. Chuck Morgan

    Thank you for the response. I visited the facility on Sunday and was impressed. Mark Yourich gave me a tour and shared additional information. I would like to now join the membership and will be reaching out to Mark to complete that process. Please advise if I should do something different.

    Thanks again.
    Chuck Morgan

  4. Nettie Kobus

    Greetings !
    I am ready to have 5 mature trees on my property cut down. Three are ash, very straight, approximately two feet in dia. and approx. 20+feet to the first branches. The preferred wood of high-end, Mid-century furniture designers.
    The largest of the five is a silver maple with an abundance of very large burls.
    I have also saved some large burls of red oak from a 198+ year old.
    If anyone is interested in the wood, I am only asking you to be there when these trees are cut, so that you can tell the sawyers where you want it cut, for your use.
    I can be reached at ( 440 ) 686-1035 . I live in north Olmsted, between I-90 and 480 on Canterbury Rd. , so transportation shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you.
    I would hate to see all of this wood go to waste, so please call soon.
    Thank you very much. Nettie

  5. nettie kobus

    Thank you for bouncing back.
    I have contact info. on two portable sawmills and the fellas who run them.
    I also know Dean, who has an indoor saw mill in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland.
    The wood and the info. are free. The rest is up too you and your posse. I will let you know the exact date when I firm it up with the sawyers. thank you again and “hey” have A day.

  6. nettie kobus

    I apologize, but I have misplaced Brian’s phone number. I had said I would contact him when I had a firm date that my trees would be coming down. The date is Thursday Nov. 19th.
    Please help me to let him know, I thank you.
    My number is 440-734-4362


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