Projects are a way to learn together by doing.  As a group we pick something, get the materials, then meet to work on it.

Currently, we are building Toy Chests to help Woodworkers Fighting Cancer:


Members are welcome to contact Ed about being a part of this.  We need to get them done by November 30th.  Here are some pictures of the process to date:

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have a look at some past projects after the jump….







Project Update 2-23-2014

Here are some images of the new stuff at NCCW!

Mark has been busy building Jigs!

NCCW_Taper Jig_3 NCCW_Taper Jig_2 NCCW_Taper Jig_1Here is the crosscut Jig.  this has been tested and will make super accurate cross cuts up to 26″ wide



Ed installed a Microjig splitter in the zero clearance table saw insert. This will make cuts without the blade guard safer. Best of all it can be used with the blade guard in place for extra safety!!!


Mark is also gearing up for his Roll Top Desk Shop Project. Pictured below are the patterns for the top of the desk.  Stay tuned for upcoming information regarding this shop project.  If you are interested in helping out and working on the RTD, let Mark know!!!



Project Committee Update:

Shawn Nichols is going to take on the coat rack project.  He is going to modify an existing design of a tool rack similar to the one pictured here:



I have finished up the design and would like member feedback before I get started! Send any comments/suggestions to

Drill Press Table


I am currently modifying the design of a drill press table from the Woodsmith shop. When I have it sorted out I will publish the design and announce the times I will be working on it.  -Ed




Project – Cherry Roll Top desk

Roll-top desks are wonderful pieces of furniture. But typically, they have one serious drawback—they’re too big.

This graceful Roll-Top Desk, on the other hand, will actually fit in any room in your home without dominating the room. It has a traditional tambour door. And inside is a desk organizer with pigeon holes.

The overall dimensions are 40-3/4″ high x 43″ wide x 24″ deep.

Project Coordinator – Mark Yourich (myourich @

Machines used include – Table saw, planer, jointer, router table, band saw, and sanders.

Concepts covered include – Mortise and tenon, Gluing boards, squaring boards, taper jig, tambour doors, use of templates, and finger joints

If interested – please E-mail Mark Yourich, you will be placed on a contact list. He will send E-mails with dates, time, and areas that will be covered during these times.