Here is some information about our upcoming classes and demonstrations. Both classes and demonstrations are open to members and non-members.

Classes are normally 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM with a break for lunch.



Cost of Class



Turn a Peppermill 04/21/2018 $50 $70
Making a Side Table 02/10/2018 $60 $85
 Turn a Segmented Bowl 02/17/2018 –


$40 $60
 Vcarve CNC Software for Beginners 02/24/2018 $75 $75
Turn a Pen 03/10/2018 $35 $50
 Turn a Platter 03/24/2018


$40 $60
Making a Cutting Board 03/31/2018 $35 $50
Making a Bandsaw Box 04/28/2018 $35 $50
Making a Step Stool 05/19/2018 $35 $50
 Making a Cabinet (Members Only) – 6 weeks 02/05/2018 –


$40  Not Available

Demonstrations are normally 10:00 AM to Noon unless noted otherwise.



Cost of Demo



Using the Lathe 01/27/18 None None
Mortise & Tenon Joints 02/24/18 None None
Making Dovetail Joints 03/17/18 None None
Joiner & Planer  04/14/18  None  None
Using the workbench and hand tools 05/05/18 None None

Classes and demos do not require prior skills but a strong interest in learning. If you have an interest in any of these classes or demos, please send an email to nccwoodshop@gmail.com including the class of interest and your contact information.

16 thoughts on “Learning

    1. Mel Mendez

      Interesting in November classes. I like creating things but would love to learn more. Build a foundation to expand my creative side.

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    1. Shawn Nichols

      Hi Kara,

      We offered a class in May but no one signed up. We’ll likely be offering classes again. To help us gauge interest, would you let us know what you’re interested in learning about?


  2. Tom

    I am interested in clases as well. I would like to learn the proper techniques using various saws and other power tools. I have built things around the house including a swingset, a vanity, and a bed side staircase. But everything i make is slightly off and youtube can only offer so much instruction. I would also be interested in basic safety for mitre and table saws.

    1. Shawn Nichols

      Hi Tom,

      We offer classes but for what you’re looking for it sounds like regular “lessons” are more appropriate. We’ve started a Wednesday morning session mostly attended by retirees where one of our more experienced members works on projects or techniques decided upon by the group. We are trying to start something similar for the working crowd and hope to have it in place next month. Maybe a weekly or monthly “shop class” in the evenings.

      Your best bet is probably stop over when someone is working a shift and tour the facility. From there you can talk more about what options are available. Please let us know if we can be of more assistance.

  3. Jim Walsh

    Enjoyed your website but was wondering how recent was the information. Left me wondering if your program still exists. Hope so because it would fill an important need for me. I am a Lakewood resident with moderate woodworking experience. Just rebuilding my home garage so I need a work space.

    1. Shawn Nichols

      Hey Jim,

      I’m not sure what made you think we were defunct but we’re still alive an kicking. We’d love to have you over to chat. You can look at our google calendar to see when some is manning the shop but I’ll be there for a fact next Thursday if you’re interested in getting a tour.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. James Schow

    I’m interested in coming in & learning more about a few tools i would like to be more comfortable working with & building a few projects.
    I go to a blacksmithing open forge on Monday nights & would like to try coming to your shop on Thursday nights. I can only dream of a comparable place to learn some leather working to!
    But for now I want to get started with your organization & bring my wood working skills up to par.
    Are Thrusday night hours quite reliable?

    1. Shawn Nichols


      Unless another member has already responded, please let me apologize for the delay in response.

      First off, yes, Thursday are a great time for us. About a month ago we started a program where one of our more experienced woodworkers would work a “shift” to help guide new woodworkers who work during the day. We have a good program going on Wednesday mornings for those that can attended but most working folks cannot (hence, the Thursday program).

      Tomorrow evening, Thursday August 13 I will be at the shop if you’d like to swing buy and learn more about us.


  5. Erica

    Just wondering if you will still have upcoming demos or classes. I JUST saw that you were located there and am hopeful!


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