Projects for the Festivals

In preparation for the upcoming festivals I went out to Woodcraft and got a few cutting board templates. Then I went through my scrap pile glued up some leftover cherry.


Glue ups in my home shop

While working last night I used the drum sander and band saw (neither of which I have in my well equipped personal shop) to flatten my glue ups and rough out the blanks. At the end of my shift I had roughed out three additional templates from shop scrap plywood and three cutting boards for the festivals.


End of shift results

Tonight I was able to template route a few blanks for others to use.


My goal is to have other members use the templates I created to make their own boards. I’ll try to drop them off at the shop this weekend.

The other project I hope to make is a few wine tilts like these. I’ve made these as gifts in the past and it’s a great way to use up scrap. And in this case, it’s a great way to support the club. I know others are working on bottle stoppers as well. The more stuff we have to sell, the more money we’ll have for the club.

If you have questions on how these projects go together, please don’t hesitate to ask.



2 thoughts on “Projects for the Festivals

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  2. Carol Lara

    I am an Avon Lake artist, program chair for North Coast Decorative Artists. I do a lot of charity work and am looking for a woodworker who can make unfinished wood objects for us to paint. In particular I need someone who will make wooden coasters and an open box to store them. I can bring in the set I have to show you what I need. It would be wonderful to find someone locally who will make them for me.


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