NCCW hosts Den #303 for Pinwood Derby Preparation

The NCCW experienced some heavy snow at the shop Saturday 1/25/2014.  The snow caused the group to postpone our annual elections.   In spite of the bad weather, the Cub Scouts of Sheffield Lake’s Den #303 showed up in force.

For the second time the NCCW played host to a local Cub Scout troup.  About twenty scouts along with their families and scoutmasters braved the elements.   The troop used the NCCW’s newly opened shop to do rough cuts on their pinewood derby cars.  The adults in attendance were pleased with how easy it was to work at the facility.  There were plenty of tools and lots of room for everyone to work.  Also, we  had the city plow the parking lot behind the old bowling alley.  So even with all the snow, the clean parking lot gave us plenty of places to park.  The Cub Scout leader, Martin Flores, liked what he saw so much that he joined our group of woodworkers.  Marty is now our head of IT.

NCCW’s president, Gene Fox said,  “We love events like this.  It is good exposure for us, and beneficial for the kids.  Everybody wins!”  You can read more about this event in the Lorain Journal.

In other news: the NCCW has instituted a new 50/50 raffle to finance the purchace of a new SawStop table saw.  Unfortunately, we have not met all the requirements to qualify as a non-profit organization.  Therefore we must cease the raffle and refund the money on all the tickets that were sold.  If you have any tickets for this fund razer please contact the NCCW about a refund.

On February 8, 2014 the NCCW held an election to elect new members of the board.  This election was rescheduled from January 25, 2014.  The new members of the board are: Henry Kowal, Guatam Rajan, Ed O’Halloran and Bruce Clarke.  The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on Wednesday February 26, 2014 at 6:00 P.M.  The board is expected to elect a new president and secretary at that time.

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