NCCW Hosts Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby Rough Cuts

SAM_5214SAM_5223SAM_5215IMG_1430On Saturday, 1/4/14, the NCC Woodshop hosted Cub Scout den #334. The Cub Scouts used the new NCCW facility to rough cut their pinewood derby cars. The youngsters were supervised in the use of the woodworking tools by the parents, Scouting officials and NCCW members. About twenty-five Scouts attended the event. They were accompanied by their moms, dads and even sisters. Troup #334 Scoutmaster, Trey Bell, coordinated the event with the woodshop. Judging by all the folks wearing sawdust, everyone had a pretty good time. According to NCCW President, Gene Fox, the woodshop is trying to reach out to young people. We are looking into hosting other Cub Scout troops for similar events. There is also the possibility of working with the Boy Scouts to earn woodworking merit badges here. We are trying to preserve the art of woodworking. Hopefully, we can establish a presence in the area schools and pass some of this on to the next generation. Woodworking is no longer taught here in the local school systems. We offer an opportunity for people of all ages to get some hands on experience in this craft.

2 thoughts on “NCCW Hosts Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby Rough Cuts

  1. Trey Bell

    The boys and their parents had a great time cutting the pinewood derby cars at the NCCW. It doesnt take much to spark the woodworking passion in children. I know my son “got the bug”. He has been bugging me to take him back ever since. I love it.


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