Hand-made with love and care


Meet Bill McCimage(1)racken, who turned these realistic-looking mushrooms out of a fallen tree. Bill did this in his home workshop in Highland Heights. This experienced woodworker is on the NCCW board of directors because he can’t wait to share his expertise to members and guests, teaching people at NCCW.
Bill’s wood creations including bowls, puzzles, mushrooms and more will be on display in the Gallery at Avon Lake Public Library beginning September 5.

imageHere, Bruce (one of our dedicated volunteers) holds up a multiwood cutting board that he made in his home shop. The dark wood is walnut which makes a great accent. Bruce plans to show these and other items off at Avon Lake’s Homecoming Festival, where NCCW will have a booth. Bruce will also have this and other wood creations on display at the Avon Lake Public Library beginning September 5.

2 thoughts on “Hand-made with love and care

  1. sand sikora

    Hi! Happened upon your website today. The Lorain County Wood Carvers, are having a show and sale, Sept 20,21,22, at the Lorain County Fairgrounds. Our tables are only $10.00 ea. You could promote there, if you wished! Our show runs with the tractor show and there’s a GIANT flea market, outside. We are in a building! We usually have a free available and there are some vendors selling food. Only wood related items can be sold at our show! made items, supplies, books, ect.. If you want more info, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, SS

  2. Dennis A. Yarmesch

    I am interested membership but would like more information. What hours will the shop be available and how many people will be trying to use the equipment at the same time? Would it be possible to have the shop available 24/7 like some of the health clubs? That would be ideal for me. I live in southeast Cleveland and trying to drive there or back during rush hour is not a good thing. Will there be weekend hours? I Hope to be there on Nov. 16th for the soft opening.


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