Something is missing in the world, and more than a few of us have noticed.


Craftsmanship — the rewards that come from making something with your hands, as well as the rewards of sharing that knowledge with friends and neighbors.  Skills like woodworking are being sidelined by competing activities, and forgotten by amateurs. We want to change that by offering a place to let skills and the passion for them grow, not only to benefit individuals, but to improve in some way our whole community. 

NorthCoast Community Woodshop (NCCW) came from a dream that two friends and community residents had. Bob McDonald of Lorain inherited some woodworking machines from his father-in-law, while Tom Patton, who owns Artstown Plaza shopping center in Avon Lake, had space available. Bob committed to donate the woodworking machines to NCCW and Tom committed to provide the facility rent-free for the first 2 years. The community was invited to a meeting at Avon Lake Public Library to explore the possibility of starting a wood shop in Avon Lake. Approximately 50 people turned out for this meeting back in February and a board of directors was formed.

The board has been meeting regularly since then to take care of the details, and things have been happening fast.

  • We incorporated as an LLC in March.
  • We began cleaning up the space and regularly meeting at the shop in April.
  • Bylaws were finished in May.  501 (c) 3 status has been applied for, and we feel good about it.
  • Avon Lake’s planning commission approved our “conditional use” zoning in June and City Council affirmed this on June 8th.
  • Avon Lake’s building department is currently working on permits needed for an ADA-accessible ramp and signs.
  • Here is a floor plan showing what we have and where it will go.  Here is a list of equipment we have acquired to date.
  • We are getting close to a grand opening and selling memberships.  Watch here for more developments.

NCCW Board of Directors

Gene Fox, president

Bob Maupin, treasurer

Trey Bell, vice president

Carl Kosakowski, secretary

Tom McElwaine, board member

Duane Harrington, board member

Bill McCracken, board member






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    1. Ed O'Halloran

      Hello Richard,

      What type of wood and where did it come from? Depending on the amount, you could drop it off or we may be able to come and pick it up.

      contact me at:

      Ed O’Halloran


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