My Producer Wants To Know


After you watch the video in the link above, we have a little survey for you. We aren’t real high tech on this IT stuff so you’ll have to respond in an email back to us, if you don’t mind.  But first, here’s a bit more information.

Sometimes I get a little wordy, but please hang in there with me to the end.

As mentioned earlier on, the annual membership dues are going to be about $250.00. This amount will change in future years based on membership levels.

We have been making tons of progress and we are very close to getting our wood shop open. We meet with the planning board in the next two weeks. If all goes well we will be going to the building department asking for permits to install a handicap accessible ramp and the electrical wiring. Then it’s on to placing machines and work tables in their places.

We have been building an equipment inventory (all donated) and boy, you should see this list. Check it out on this link. NCCW EQUIP LIST 130605(1). Just a couple of more pieces to get. These pieces will probably have to be purchased.

We finished the bylaws. We modified the purpose statement to include:  volunteers “to perform charity works in woodworking for the community through its’ woodworking projects and other service projects that benefit the community both for the benefit of senior citizens and youth…. and to encourage our members to provide community service.” Isn’t this a wonderful way to give back to the community?

We have a a matching donations campaign going on right now. We have received $935 in donations toward the match. We have a long ways to go. This is money that we will need to get started. We need more people to donate.

We have two people who have volunteered to head up the fundraising campaign.  This is not enough. We need more people to help out on this committee.

We have insurance lined up and raring to go at $1700 / yr.

The 501 (c)3 application is still a work in process but not a stumbling block to opening.

We are almost finished with our logo.

We have a future member who will be donating a vinyl sign as soon as the logo is complete.

Yes, this was probably the worst time of the year to try to do something like this. Vacations, graduations, family time, etc.  So far its been a handful of people getting all this accomplished. We have grown to 81 people on our email distribution list. What did the producer in the video say?

It’s getting close to the time where we have to put up or shut up. We need a process check. So we need to ask some short but important questions. We need ask them to make sure that people are still on board with this concept before we start committing to spend money that we don’t have, or signing a lease commitment that we won’t be able to keep.

Here are the questions: Please reply with your answers to by Wednesday 6/19/2013. Just copy and paste the questions into your email to us with your answers. That would be greatly appreciated.

1 -Are you still interested in opening a wood shop in your community?

2 -Will you become a member when we open?

3- Do you want to continue to receive our web updates and emails? Or would you like to be removed?

4 – Can you volunteer to help on a committee? (safety, fund raising, advertising, marketing, sponsorship resourcing etc.)

5 – Can you volunteer to help finish cleaning / painting the social area.

6 – Can you volunteer to help with daily staffing after opening?

7 – Can you donate any additional non-tax deductible donations to help grab that $6,000? That’s sitting there waiting for us.

8 – Will you be attending this Saturday’s 6/22 9:30am NCCW meeting?



One thought on “My Producer Wants To Know

  1. jack kinsner

    I congratulate you on your ongoing efforts to establish this community asset. I am 91, and cannot do the physical activities so badly needed now; I will readily volunteer for staffing. I am volunteering for Kids In Flight at Burke this Saturday and will not be there with you. My experience at Kiwanis and other service organizations is that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. I’m sure your responses must be discouraging — trust me, when the program is “up and running” you’ll have an active program, thanks to your efforts !! Good luck!!



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