NorthCoast Community Woodshop next general meeting and fundraiser announcement Saturday May, 18

Hello all wood workers. The next general meeting (a working meeting) of NCCW will be held on Saturday 5/18 @ 9:30am @ the future home of NCCW which is located at 33501 Lake Rd. Avon Lake. At this meeting we will provide a brief update on the Board of Directors progress toward opening our wood shop, the activities that have taken place at the shop since the last general meeting, and… we will announce a fundraiser challenge to the community. This will be an important challenge that anyone wishing to see our wood shop open will want to hear about and help with.

So, mark your calendar for May 18. Bring a pair of work gloves and safety glasses, a really big hammer or a sledge hammer, a crow bar nail puller, a broom, a bucket, cleaning soap and rags, etc.

We plan to continue the demo of the old skate track and wood salvage project and clean, clean, clean.

We have had great turn-outs for our activities. If you haven’t been out to the facility yet, this would be a great time to get involved.

Everyone is welcome to come out to support us or just visit to satisfy your curiosity.

Tell a friend, bring a friend. This is your shop. It won’t happen with out you!

Oh, in case I haven’t mentioned it lately, we still need your financial support. We are still accepting non-refundable, non-tax deductible donations. If you haven’t contributed yet or would like to contribute more, now would be the best time to do so. Come Saturday to hear why.

For more information about us go to our “Become a Member” page or email us at .

NCCW volunteers cleared the warehouse readying it for work tables and machines.

NCCW volunteers cleared the warehouse, readying it for work tables and machines.

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