Saturday 5/4/13, a group of volunteer wood workers joined together to build four work tables from the lumber that was salvaged from the skate track earlier in the week.  Everybody had fun and enjoyed the camaraderie. Who ever thought work could be so much fun?

Also today, a few guys brought some wood working machines from out of storage and delivered them to their new home. These wood working machines were donated to NCCW by Bob McDonald who inherited them from his father in-law.

Our plan, now that we have the machines that were promised and some work tables, is to lay out the floor plan, lay out the electrical drops, submit necessary paperwork to the planning board and then to the  building department, obtain necessary approvals and permits, finish the bylaws and submit our application for our 501 (c) 3. Sounds easy, right?

While the above is being done, we may ask for  some volunteers to continue the demolition of the skate track, to clean, spruce up and paint. We will keep you posted on our progress and volunteer work days.


The work begins with Rick Sheahan, center, instructing Bob Maupin, second from the right, on the proper use of the circular saw.


The fruits of their labor…
Left to right, Rick Sheahan, Bob Maupin, Len Craamer. Mark Yourich and Jack Mcguire

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